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They wanted me gone. Privex didn't bend.

Privex Didn't Budge.

Hey, it's me again. Before I get into this article, and it's a significantly shorter one than the last one. Thanks so much for the huge support! To this day, I am seeing people share and recommend my original "Privacy Focused "Free Speech" VPS Provider" comparison article. I think that's so astonishing that it's reached the audience that it has, so just wanted to say huge thanks for that.

Alright, now to the focus of this article.

In September 2023, a partner of the Privex one of the hosting companies listed in my original article,. Put pressure on Privex to remove my content from their platform. This partner was letting Privex a use /25 IPv4 block in exchange for a server. Well, my article showed up on LowEndTalk, and that company was NOT happy about Privex's stances on various topics covered in that article. They gave Privex an Ultimatum, me or them.

LowEndTalk Screenshot 1 LowEndTalk Screenshot 1
Link to the referenced LowEndTalk post.

Later that same month or early the month after. Privex was moving various VPS nodes to a new IPv4 block, and as a company, they were getting the IPv4 block after they stopped working with them.

So, yeah, not that huge of a story, but I feel it's worth sharing, since I can assure you that my silly websites are not even close to the cost of a /25 IPv4 block.

Hopefully more articles will be coming out soon. I had a bunch of stuff going on IRL. And part of it also was that the last article has become so big that I always felt like I needed to top it somehow. I figured if I got an article out, it'd remove some of that pressure.